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Model FPS-1™ Fluorescence Photography System

The FPS-1 is a hand-held system that lets you take fluorescence photographs anywhere - in the booth, on the shop floor, and even outdoors - with no set-up time and no need for darkness. The FPS-1 is ready to go right out of the box with fluorescence exposure settings pre-configured on the camera. Everything you need is included, so you can start with nothing - no photo equipment and even no photo experience - and be downloading high quality images from the camera to your computer in just minutes.

    "The FPS system just raised the bar several notches at our facility as to what's an acceptable method to document fluorescent indications. We should have gotten one of these a long time ago!"

Photograph of a liquid penetrant indication

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Demo Video - Taking a fluorescence photograph

Demo Video - Telling the complete story with white light and fluorescence

System includes everything you need:

  • Digital camera with 10 Mega-pixel resolution*
  • Three different camera filters for versatile performance with blue or ultraviolet light
  • Electronic flash with custom filter
  • Flash bracket with flexible arm
  • Off-camera hot shoe adapter for flash
  • Mini tripod for time exposures with ultraviolet light
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • USB 2.0 SD card reader for easy picture transfers
  • Interface cables for direct connection to computer
  • Lens cap
  • Spare battery for camera
  • Battery charger for camera battery
  • Spare high density NiMH batteries for flash, with plastic case
  • Battery charger for flash batteries
  • Camera operating manual
  • Custom BlueLine fluorescence photography manual
  • Rugged shipping case with custom-cut foam

* - If you already have a suitable digital camera you can purchase the ABC ('All But Camera') version of the Fluorescence Photography System.

Note - Due to the ever-changing availability of specific models of camera, electronic flash, and other accessories, the exact items included in the FPS-1 Fluorescence Photography System will change with time. BlueLine will always keep the system up-to-date with components that deliver the necessary performance.