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Model FPS-1™ Fluorescence Photography System - ABC Option

If you have your own suitable digital camera you can opt to purchase the ABC (All But Camera) version of the FPS-1 Fluorescence Photography System. This will provide everything you need to configure your existing camera for the same turnkey fluorescence photography capability provided by the full system.

What makes a suitable camera? Your digital camera should have:

  • Full manual exposure control (shutter speed and f-stop)
  • A way to mount a standard threaded photographic filter (49 - 62 mm)
  • Flash sync at 1/250 sec or faster
  • Hot shoe adapter for external flash
  • Ideally, it should also have a way to store custom settings for later use (desirable but not necessary)

With this option BlueLine NDT will not supply any of the accessories that are specifically associated with your camera - memory card, spare battery, camera operating manual, and lens cap.

We do need to supply one custom item - a barrier filter that will thread onto your lens or filter adapter. You will need to tell us what size filter thread to provide.

The ABC option will include:

  • Three different camera filters for versatile performance with blue or ultraviolet light
  • Electronic flash
  • Custom made interference filter on flash
  • Flash bracket with flex arm
  • Off-camera hot shoe adapter for flash
  • Two sets of high density NiMH batteries for flash, with plastic case
  • Battery charger for flash batteries
  • Mini tripod for time exposures with ultraviolet light
  • Custom BlueLine fluorescence photography manual
  • Rugged shipping case with custom-cut foam

Contact BlueLine for pricing information for this option.