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Magnetic particle performance with the BlueLine NDT FL5000 inspection light

Manufacturer Particle Method Color BLUE LIGHT RATING
Circle Circlesafe 850A wet, dual use red 1.15
Circle Mi-Glow 600 wet, dual use red 1.15
Circle Mi-Glow 800 wet, dual use green 0.80
Circle DP93 dry, dual use red 2.70
Circle DP73 dry, dual use red 1.40
Circle DP75 dry, dual use green 0.90
Circle Mi-Glow UW#1 underwater, dual use red 0.80
Magnaflux 14A, 20B wet, fluorescent green 1.00
Ely Lumor X wet, fluorescent green 0.90
Ely VF Grey dry, visible* green  
Ely VF Yellow dry, visible* yellow 1.50
Ely VF Red dry, visible* red 1.55

The blue light rating is the efficiency of the blue light relative to a conventional ultraviolet light. A value of 1.0 indicates that the fluorescence brightness produced by the FL5000 would be equivalent to that produced by an ultraviolet light that provides the same excitation light intensity at the inspection surface. A value greater than 1 indicates that the blue light is more effective than ultraviolet at stimulating fluorescence, while a value less than 1 indicates that ultraviolet is more efficient.

The blue light rating is found by a rigorous measurement procedure. The results provide guidance to ensure that inspectors will have performance equivalent to, if not superior to, that which would be achieved with an ultraviolet light.

Additional measurements will be posted as they become available. If you are interested in having measurements made for a particular particle please contact us.

Note - These results only show how well a particular particle will fluoresce when used with the blue light sytem. They do not provide guidance as to the suitability of any particular particle for any particular inspection task.

[* - The Ely VF series is sold as a visible particle, not dual use. Our observations and measurements show, however, that the Ely VF particles listed above are strongly fluorescent under the blue light. The blue light rating relative to ultraviolet is given only for informational purposes. No value is shown for the VF Grey particle because it is not fluorescent under ultraviolet light.]