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October 2015 - Limited quantity remaing!

This product will be discontinued when stock runs out


Model TPK-1/TPK-1C TAM Panel Photography Kit

TAM panel fluorescence photograph

Actual TAM panel photograph made with the TPK-1 system. This simple system is just $279 and works with your existing UV lights.

The Model TPK-1 is designed to work with your existing digital camera (see camera requirements below), while the Model TPK-1C includes a compact camera that works well with the system. Both models work with your existing UV lights in your inspection booth.

TPK-1 TAM Panel Photography Kit

The TPK-1 system includes:

  • Model TPM-1 custom TAM Panel Photography Mount with fluorescent reference marks
  • UV-blocking filter
  • Filter holder that works with almost any digital camera
  • Tabletop mini tripod
  • Fluorescent marker pen for recording information in the image
  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions and photography advice

The TPK-1C system includes:

  • All of the above, plus a suitable digital camera.
  • [Digital camera technology and features change on a rapid basis so the particular model and cost of the camera we offer can change depending on market availability. Please contact BlueLine NDT for the latest information on camera model and cost.]

[TAM Panel not included in either system]

TAM panel photographs are a leading cause of write-ups in Nadcap audits

There are two main challenges in obtaining the high quality photographs you need to meet audit requirements.

The TPK-1 meets both of these challenges.

Blocking the UV - The TPK-1 includes a custom-cut UV-blocking filter that mounts in a versatile filter holder that adapts to most digital cameras. This filter prevents the 'purple haze' you can get with many cameras when you take photographs with strong ultraviolet lights.

TAM panel photograph - no UV block filter TAM panel photograph - with UV block filter

TAM panel photographed with UV light excitation, no filter on camera

Same TAM panel photographed with UV light excitation,
UV-blocking filter on camera

Printing at 1:1 scale - The custom TAM Panel holder in the TPK-1 kit provides precisely machined reference marks to use as a reliable guideline for 1:1 printing. Step by step instructions for printing at 1:1 scale are included with the TPK-1. In addition, BlueLine NDT offers a low cost printing service to provide you with high quality 1:1 prints of images taken with the TPK-1 kit. Send us your digital file(s) and we will make adjustments for small camera distortions and send you back finished prints.

Cameras suitable for use with the TPK-1
You do not need a high end digital camera, but your camera should enable you to control exposure (aperture priority or full manual, EV adjust) and white balance. A very low-end point & shoot camera without these settings is not suitable. Please contact BlueLine NDT if you have questions about using your own camera, or for recommendations for a camera to purchase.