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1:1 Printing with the TPK-1™ TAM Panel Photography Kit

Just $65 plus shipping!

Original photo taken with TPK-1

Final image cropped to reference marks and printed at 1:1 scale

The TPK-1 makes it easy to take photographs of your TAM panels that can be cropped, sized, and printed at 1:1 scale. You can e-mail your digital files to BlueLine NDT and we will do the image adjustments for you and return high quality 1:1 prints with quick turnaround. Alternatively, you can do the printing yourself (instructions are included with the TPK-1) or have a local photo store do it.

BlueLine NDT printing service -

  • $65.00 for the first print from any file
  • $32.50 for each backup print of an image
  • plus shipping

Contact BlueLine to arrange 1:1 printing of your TAM panel images taken with the TPK-1.